Daylighting solutions like the Solar tube lighting system offer many benefits over traditional skylights.

For Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island homeowners and stratas interested in saving money and long-term solutions to increase natural light coming into their residences, choosing a daylighting device will ultimately prove to be the better option.

 Incredibly fast, 2-hour professional installation!

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Here are our top 10 reasons why an installed Solatube daylighting device is better than choosing a skylight:

  1. Saves Money. Installing a Solatube in your hallways or dark rooms can reduce your energy bill. You won’t need to switch on your lights!
  2. More Light. Thanks to its unique, patented reflective dome and interior, a single Solatube can bring more natural light into your home than a skylight many times its size. Also, a Solatube will diffuse light across the entire room.
  3. Takes Up Less Space. Want to brighten up a narrow hallway, small laundry room or tight storage area? A Solatube takes up as much room as an small overhead light fixture, which is far less space than a skylight requires.
  4. Dimming & Darkness. Want it nice and cozy for those long weekend morning sleep-ins? No problem! With a flick of a switch your room will remain dark and cozy for as long as you want.
  5. Removes 99% of UV Light. With skylights, ultraviolet (UV) light shines directly into your home, discoloring fabrics and making it uncomfortably warm. A Solatube light blocks 99% of these harmful rays.
  6. Long-term Peace of Mind. Over time the seals around skylights deteriorate and repairs can be costly. With a Solartube you’re protected by an innovative moisture control system.
  7. Additional Options. Your Solatube can be installed with an optional LED system so you can switch on light at night, or set it to automatically brighten when it grows dark. It can even sense when someone walks into the room and automatically turn itself on!
  8. Customize Your Look. Pick a decorative fixture to place on the opening of your Solatube that best complements your room’s décor.
  9. Brighten Basements. Solatubes are versatile enough that they can be run through multiple floors into a lower floor or basement without being seen. Light rays are reflected down the solar tube, so the same quality of bright sunlight will reach any room in the home.
  10. Fast Installation. Best of all, a Solatube can be installed in under 2 hours with minimal clean-up required.