Why should you consider adding a sun tube daylighting device like the Solatube in your home? When you consider the multiple benefits that separate Solatube from skylights, the choice becomes increasingly clear.

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Solatube vs. Skylight

  • More Cost Effective: A Solatube costs considerably less than a skylight to install. For example, a typical skylight can cost the homeowner $4,000 while a Solatube can cost as little as $1000 because there's no need for invasive framing or painting work!
  • Better Quality of Light: Skylights allow harmful ultraviolet (UV) light to enter your home, heating up the interior and over time discoloring floors and furniture. Solatubes reject 99% of UV light, allowing only natural, white sunlight to enter.
  • Goes Almost Anywhere: Solatubes are smaller and more compact than skylights. They can even beam light into rooms that don’t have direct roof access. A skylight needs to be directly affixed to the roof.
  • Save Time: Skylights require more work and time to install. A Solatube daylighting system can be installed and piping natural sunlight into your home in less than 2 hours.
  • Fits In With Room’s Décor: Solatube lenses come in a variety of shapes, and you can choose one that blends in with the look of the room. Often visitors mistakenly believe that a Solatube cover hides an electric light bulb when in fact it’s 100% pure sunlight that’s lighting the room.

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