Soundproof Windows

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Soundproof windows will improve your health and add significant value to your home.

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How they work

Your existing windows will be untouched.The soundproof windows are a secondary window that are placed behind or inside your existing window.
Fully operational and removable.The soundproof windows can be easily removed or made to be fully functional, allowing for easy cleaning and not impeding the function of existing windows.
Lower stress and better health.Unwanted noise increases restless sleep, higher stress levels and discomfort. Installing soundproof windows will help to eliminate the harmfull longterm effects.
Increase the value of your home or condo.Do you live downtown? Amongst the constant bustle of heavy machinery and loud traffic? A home equipped with soundproof windows will maintain higher value in the real estate market than similar properties without them installed.
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Reduce unwanted noise by 75% or more

We all know how it feels to have trouble sleeping due to unwanted noise from outside, or just how much more difficult it is to relax in the comfort of your own home if there is excessive noise.

Installing soundproof windows can easily reduce unwanted noise and reduce stress levels. In fact, unwanted noise from outside can be reduced by 75% or more by installing soundproof windows. If you work from home this is also very important as a quiet environment is proven to be much more productive.

Install anywhere, even condos

The beauty of the system, in addition to the noise reduction, is that your existing windows are untouched, which is perfect for condos and other buildings where it is prohibited changing the external appearance, and also makes for ease of installation.

Soundproof windows are designed to be practical and easy to use, and can either be fully operational with sliding openings, or removable for easy cleaning.

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Add Value to Your Home

Prospective buyers will see added value in a home with soundproof windows which create a quiet, comfortable environment for working, watching TV or listening to music without the hindrance of background noise.

Due to the nature of busy cities today, traffic noise can be a major issue, whether from a main road, airport or train track. Long term noise can have detrimental effects on people’s lives through stress and nerves, and so reducing external background noise can really make a difference to our lives in addition to the value of our properties!

Often, living in a desirable part of a city involves a trade off against tolerating the increased noise levels. By installing soundproof windows it’s now possible to enjoy the best of both worlds; a great location combined with a quiet, peaceful interior.

Effective for both residential and commercial windows.

  • Quieter, more productive work environment
  • Increased energy efficiency which results in lower utility bills that helps offset the initial cost of the windows.
  • Reduced maintenance due to reduced use of the heating and cooling systems

Other Benefits Include

As soundproof windows are installed on the inside of your existing windows, they blend in easily with their surroundings, virtually eliminate noise and preserve the exterior appearance of your home or condo. An almost invisible solution to a very loud problem!
Increased Security
In addition to sound reduction, our soundproof windows provide an element of added security. The windows are made from laminated glass which is stronger than a car windscreen and can’t be easily broken.
U.V. Protection
Laminated glass also provides 99% protection against harmful ultraviolet rays, and so reduces fading of drapes, furniture and flooring.
Energy Savings
Soundproof windows offer thermal efficiency by reducing air transfer and moisture, and are also available with Low E technology for added energy savings.

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