Vinyl Deck Installation

Vinyl Decking made in North America, built to withstand the harshest of North American climates.

Our Vinyl Flooring system provides for a proven long-term waterproofing solution to new or existing sundecks. Installed in any area where slip-resistance, durability and ease of maintenance are of primary concern. The solution completely encapsulates the deck area, eliminating common deck problems such as rotting, warping, or cracking, commonly associated with wood decks.
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Add elegance and functionality to your sun deck

  • Waterproof

    By their very nature, our vinyl deck membranes are totally waterproof. They are a single piece of high performance PVC membrane that protects the substructure of the deck and any living space below.

  • Slip proof

    Our vinyl deck membranes are produced with an aggressive embossing texture that is designed to meet Canadian slip resistance requirements, insuring that it’s a safe product to use on your home.

  • Splinter proof

    No need to worry about splinters in your children’s or pet’s feet, as no wood is used during the manufacturing process of our vinyl deck membranes. The product is safe to walk on at all times.

  • Low Maintenance

    Unlike many decking products, our vinyl deck systems require very little maintenance to keep the product looking like new. Annual spring, summer and fall cleanings are all it takes to keep your Deksmart vinyl deck in pristine condition.

  • Cool Colours

    Our highly complex reflective pigment system is used to make the surface of your deck up to 20% cooler to walk on. This is the only decking product manufactured with this patented heat-reduction technology to make your deck friendly to bare feet on those hot summer days.

Are you prepared for the rain?

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Guaranteed, long-lasting and durable

Our waterproof vinyl deck coverings are long lasting and durable, adding value and beauty to your home. With a life expectancy of over 20 years, and an unchanged PVC formulation that has lasted multiple warranty cycles, home owners can be certain that these vinyl decking systems will be the most cost efficient and longest lasting option compared to other outdoor decking products.

A wide range of attractive colours and styles to choose from.