Create Comfort with Motorized Retractable Roller Blinds

Imagine relaxing in the fresh air on your patio or deck, with shade and privacy. Roll screens create the best in wind and insect protection, allowing you to spend time outdoors comfortably.

Roller blinds are ideal for:

check mark Covered decks and patios

check mark Windows

check mark Large opening and entrances

check mark Outdoor restaurant lounges

The Benefits of Motorized Roller Blinds

  • Built up to 30 feet in length

  • Motorized retractable screens drop down with the touch of a remote and disappear when not in use.

  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas.

  • Won’t block your stunning view while enjoying the comfort of soft lighting and temperature control.

  • Motorized screens come custom built to fit your specific needs and are professionally installed.

  • Leading the industry with heavy-duty enclosures and interior components.

Relax and Enjoy the Privacy of Your Own Terrace

Motorized roll screens are retractable screens that allow you to relax and enjoy the privacy of your own terrace, deck, or patio, with the option of creating shade from bright sunlight, or protection from the wind or insects at the touch of a button.

They are ideal for covered decks and patios, raised terraces, windows, other large openings, entrances, and outdoor dining areas and restaurants. Our roll screens are available in a variety of coloured fabrics and densities, depending on the amount of shade or daytime privacy you require.

No Compromised Views

The beauty of motorized roll screens is that they provide the option of having a totally open view while retracted. When it’s time to close them, they offer a protected, shady, and comfortable area without compromising any views.

10 year warranty

Built to Last

Motorized retractable screens have a lifetime warranty and 10-year guarantee on motors for your peace of mind.

Motorized roller blinds are constructed using tough and durable materials, designed to blend in with your building, and give years of trouble-free, low-maintenance operation. The enclosure housing the retracted screen are made from extruded aluminum, which is extremely durable and eliminates deflection.

The installation features a unique in-rail system, which means the screen is secured on all sides and the screens themselves are manufactured from a high-quality PVC coated fibreglass fabric that is available in a wide range of colours and densities to match your surroundings and requirements.

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Element Comfort Solutions is your Motorized Screen Provider in BC.

The screens are custom made according to your requirements and fitted by professionally trained installers who ensure a smooth and trouble free installation.