Roll Shutters

Why would I need roll shutters?

A few important benefits for you:

element reno reduce break ins

Greatly Reduce Break-ins

80% of home invasions happen from either a patio door or window.

reduce sun-radiation

Greatly Reduce Solar Radiation

Good-quality roller shutters reduce solar radiation by up to 75%

increase climate-control

Increase Climate Control

Heat and cold enter primarily through the windows. Prevent the energy flow by up to 40%

reduce outside noise

Reduce Outside Noise

Can’t sleep at night? Roller shutters can reduce outside noise by up to 10 dB

heroal roller shutters are true energy savers

With heroal roller shutter systems, room temperature can be optimised without loss of energy at any time of the year. In the winter, they act as heat insulators, while in the summer they ensure cool rooms and a pleasant indoor temperature.

The addition of heroal roller shutters can reduce heat loss at night by up to 44 % when the shutters are down. Moreover, since heroal aluminum roller shutters are especially durable and long-lasting, they also meet all the criteria for sustainable and energy-efficient construction.

Roller shutter systems help to make you feel secure and at ease in your own home.

These durable, long-lasting roller shutter systems offer protection from the wind and weather, noise, insects and burglars – as well as saving energy. The aluminum profiles and other components come in a wide range of versions for almost every installation situation.

The modern design of the aluminum roller shutters adds value to the appearance of your property.

Integratable with your smart home

heroal roller shutter systems can be easily integrated into intelligent home automation systems and are easy to use – at the push of a button or preprogrammed. Activate the roller shutters from an app while on the road, for instance, and you can look forward to a pleasant indoor environment when you get home.

A perfect fit for every home or business

A range of panel systems is available so that you can choose the roller shutters that perfectly match the architecture of your home. Whether for a new build or a subsequent renovation, whether round or angular, classic or modern – the quality is impressive each and every time. The strengths of our systems are their high level of durability and the wide range of situations in which they can be installed.

Front mounted panel systems take on the colouring of facades and windows or set a vivid, contrasting accent.
Various guide rails allow for perfectly tailored solutions for any installation situation.

Interested in roll shutters for your home or business?

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