Roller Shutters

Why would I need roll shutters?

A few important benefits for you:

element reno reduce break ins

Greatly Reduce Break-ins

80% of home invasions happen from either a patio door or window.

reduce sun-radiation

Greatly Reduce Solar Radiation

Good-quality roller shutters reduce solar radiation by up to 75%

increase climate-control

Increase Climate Control

Heat and cold enter primarily through the windows. Prevent the energy flow by up to 40%

reduce outside noise

Reduce Outside Noise

Can’t sleep at night? Roller shutters can reduce outside noise by up to 10 dB

Security roller shutters are true energy savers

With roller shutter systems, room temperature can be optimised without loss of energy at any time of the year. In the winter, they act as heat insulators, while in the summer they ensure cool rooms and a pleasant indoor temperature.

The addition of roller shutters can reduce heat loss at night by up to 44 % when the shutters are down. Moreover, since aluminum roller shutters are especially durable and long-lasting, they also meet all the criteria for sustainable and energy-efficient construction.

Roller shutter systems help to make you feel secure and at ease in your own home.

These durable, long-lasting roller shutter systems offer protection from the wind and weather, noise, insects and burglars – as well as saving energy. The aluminum profiles and other components come in a wide range of versions for almost every installation situation.

The modern design of the aluminum roller shutters adds value to the appearance of your property.

Integrate with your smart home

Window roller shutters can be easily integrated into intelligent home automation systems and are easy to use – at the push of a button or programmed. Activate the roller shutters from an app while on the road, for instance, and you can look forward to a pleasant indoor environment when you get home.

A perfect fit for every home or business

A range of panel systems is available so that you can choose the roller shutters that perfectly match the architecture of your home. Whether for a new build or a subsequent renovation, whether round or angular, classic or modern – the quality is impressive each and every time. The strengths of our systems are their high level of durability and the wide range of situations in which they can be installed.

Front mounted panel systems take on the colouring of facades and windows or set a vivid, contrasting accent.
Various guide rails allow for perfectly tailored solutions for any installation situation.

Roll Down Security Shutters

Living in the Greater Vancouver or Fraser Valley area is a beautiful experience that brings with it many climate changes. There are many landscapes, which means your home or business needs extra protection that’s customized to your needs. Element Comfort Solutions provides a wide complement of shutters; retractable awnings and screens; pergola awnings and patio screens.

Benefits of Residential Roll Down Security Shutters

There are several benefits to owning residential roll down security shutters.  The first and most obvious benefit is security.  One look at your home shutters and it’s enough of a deterrent for a home invasion or break in. Most times these occurrences happen through the patio, screen or window entry point. Security shutters are impossible to penetrate without a lot of effort, noise and probable failure - leaving you with safety and peace of mind.  Security shutters are an investment that’s worth putting into your home.

House Value

Added safety for a new buyer is a great selling point for a homeowner. These are an investment you’ve already made that the buyer doesn’t have to think about.

Climate Control

How can roll shutters reduce my energy bill?

Security rolling shutters can reduce the energy flow through your windows by 40%. Energy will leak from other spaces in the home, but the biggest culprits are the windows. Installing rolling shutters will help you meet standards for energy efficiency. At night, when you’re home and the heat is running, you’ll enjoy sustained temperatures throughout the night with no energy loss. In the summer, they’ll maintain cool temperatures.

What about storms?  Are they up to spec for the elements?

The answer is yes. Wind, rain, snow and storms are no match for these residential security shutters. They’re durable and long-lasting and can withstand the standard expected weather of the region.I have a smart home.

Can I integrate the residential security shutters into that system?

Yes. You may integrate the shutters into a smart home system. They can be manual push-button or pre-programmed.

What about my home decor?

Our Security Rolling Shutters are aesthetically pleasing, modern and will compliment the surroundings in any home. There are several systems available - you can choose the one that’s suitable for your home decor and unique architecture. It doesn’t matter whether you have a new build or an existing home renovation. They can also fit round, angular, classic or modern architecture.

Great for Shift workers

If you or anyone in your home is a shift worker, meaning you work odd hours or even overnight, you may need to sleep during the day and work at night. Or, you may work a few days on shift and a few days off and want to catch up on some sleep. The shutters can be installed on any bedroom window and can be shut at the times you need.

You don’t have to be a shift worker to enjoy a deep night’s sleep. Complete darkness allows you to sleep deeply and if there’s noise outside you won’t be disturbed by that either.

Even More Strengths of the System

The shutters can be installed in a variety of architectures. The panels are front-mounted and reflect the colors of your home’s facade, and the choices of guide rails accent them perfectly for any style home.

They serve the purposes that are the most important for your home and family. Security, being the first priority for which the shutters were constructed, with climate control and weather management.

Shutters are the most valued addition to make for your home. They’ll serve you in every situation from building a life in your home to when it’s time to sell it when you’ve outgrown it or downsizing.

Benefits of Commercial Rolling Shutters

Your business is your life investment. It’s what you put your sweat and tears into--it’s your livelihood. Protecting it is more than just having to replace a plate glass window. It’s your inventory, your insurance rates skyrocketing and a whole lot of stress and disappointment. Not to mention the feeling like someone invaded your space. A one-time investment will save you future unexpected and unpleasant issues. If you have a small business and you love your neighborhood, chances are, once you’ve been there a while you’ll see both positive and some negative changes, and moving your business is not like moving your home - your business has earned a reputation and a following. Brick and mortar businesses, though they may be online, still depend greatly on foot traffic. When you have security roller shutters your peace of mind about your whole business is a gift you won’t want to return.

The structural composition

The structural composition of our commercial roller shutters are the strength we stand behind.

Element Shutters

All of the security shutter lines we work with are great performers for home or business, with our brand being an excellent choice for business. When security is your main objective, this line is what you’re looking for.

The Element Security Shutter’s Strengths

◊ Superior Wind Load

◊ Thermal Insulation

◊ Excellent Noise Barrier

Each shutter has a strong core made from super hard resin, covered with a 37mm aluminum slat. The HTF secure guide rail covers with a 40mm slat channel - This creates a cover for the portion that you secure and lock and it’s virtually tamper resistant. Crowbars or any type of picking tool stands no chance against this technology.  The secure end slats come in two sizes: 45 and 52mm. The 52mm slats can be modified to add keyed locks for extra protection and peace of mind. Anti-push up mounts keep them from being pushed and dislodged. All models have a high-end durable motor. Peace of mind is further enhanced when the motor is reliable for the long-term.

Element Shutters offer three types of Shutter:

◊ Protect

◊ Secure

◊ Guard

These come in several dimensions and thickness to suit the needs of your home or business.

Common questions about Security Shutters

Do your Shutters insulate?

Our shutters are made specifically for insulation. They’re capable of stopping 70% of cold and 90% of heat.


Do they really deflect storm debris?

Even in a gale? Yes, they offer peace of mind to know that you can just roll down the security shutters and your windows are fully protected.


How do you operate a security shutter?

They’re conveniently operated by switch or hand remote. Programmed for smart homes available for some models and also manual control.


How much noise reduction does a shutter provide?

Up to 50% in the room where they’re enclosing. Noises from other parts of the house including the roof would not be included. They do not provide total soundproofing but they do provide an impressive amount of soundproofing.


Is maintaining and cleaning my rolling shutters easy?

Yes, here’s how to do it. Clear the guides first by making sure nothing is blocking them so that they can close smoothly and completely. Once down, you can hose the surface and wipe them safely from top to bottom (NOT side to side). Use cleaners that are not abrasive detergents.

The maintenance is just as easy. Make sure that your shutters are fully up or fully down. Try never to leave them in the half-way position. This may cause them to shake in high winds and could damage the mechanism.


Do I operate my shutters inside or outside the home?

Our security shutters are operated from either inside or outside the home.


Do the roller shutters block out UV?

They have solar protection and will insulate to keep heat in without sun damage. If you’re a business has valuable stock in the window you don’t have to worry about fading from the sun’s rays.


Do roller shutters shield against insects?

Yes. Whether you have them for your home or business, you’ll want to keep your home and your food free from flies and mosquitoes.


Does the weather eventually fade the colour or warp the material?

No. Aluminum is tough and fade resistant, making it better than PVC.


Even in serving a very industrial role, the shutter has an aesthetically pleasing design. Every thought and consideration has been taken to serve the business owner with more than just the mechanical aspects.

We know the way your business appears to customers is important from the front-line to the back end. Everything you attach to the business will be scrutinized by your existing and potential customers. A beautiful colour coordinated, appropriately shaped shutter is just what you need.

In the home, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and a comfortable noise free experience. A climate controlled environment for you and your family and a better energy bill is just the beginning. You’re a phone call away from getting what you deserve. You can sleep soundly while your business is more secure than ever because your shutters are saving you money and securing your inventory. There’s hardly a reason not to make the investment that will continue to pay for itself many times over for years to come.


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