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SunSpace Sunroom Screens and Sunshades Vancouver BC

Sunshades offers a tailored solution to minimize and manage unwanted brightness according to your preferences to give you your desired exposure. At Sunspace, sunroom enthusiasts appreciate their indoor/outdoor family spaces; now, they can have the added benefits of adjustable shade for enhanced comfort and privacy.

Consider it like sunglasses for your window, even protecting you from harmful UV rays and excess light. It is particularly suitable for media rooms, studies, or any sun-exposed space where control over sunlight or glare is desired.


  • Comes in 3% or 5% Openness factor
  • Convenient to raise and lower
  • Offers simplicity, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness
  • Holds GREENGUARD Certification for environmental standards
  • Safeguards furniture against harmful UV rays
  • Minimizes glare
  • Provides light diffusion

Enjoy the opportunity to enhance your space with SunSpace Screens and Sunshades. Upgrade your living experience today. Contact us at 604-360-0353 or fill out a contact form here. 


Element Comfort Solutions is your SunSpace provider in B.C.