Pergola Awnings

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    Pergola Awnings

    Beautiful Design and Protection

    The horizontal shading provides optimal protection and, depending on design, is also available in a folded look. With perpendicular shading you are perfectly protected from the sun, wind and prying eyes.

    Optional side and front glazing, which protects from wind and rain without dimming the view, is also available, so you can enjoy your terrace even in poor weather. The corrosion-resistant aluminium construction ensures rigidity and a motor installed as standard for ease of handling.

    Pergola Awning Details

    Pergola Awnings


    Thanks to the integrated brake system and the use of the dirt-repellent polyester fabric RESISTANT (fire protection class B1), the system can also be used without worries when it is raining.

    Pergola Awnings


    Large shading systems with up to 23' projection and only two frontal supports can be coupled as often as required.

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    Integrated gas-filled cylinders ensure the cover remains taut in any position


    Thanks to the extended dimensions of the tried and tested terrace awning PERGOLINO, you can now provide decent shade over very large areas. Whether for a private party or a restaurant lounge, you and your guests are perfectly protected from the sun and rain. Side and front shading options can be assembled at a later date and increase the feeling of wellbeing on your terrace.

    A support profile underneath the guide rails provides the system with a high degree of stability. The PERGOLINO is thus able to withstand even high winds and weather. The robust system is assembled easily and quickly. Integrated gas-filled cylinders ensure the cover remains taut in any position. The powerful electric drive system ensures effortless use.

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