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box awning Vancouver

Excellent Protection

Elegantly housed sun protection for small to very large areas of shade. STOBAG cassette awnings provide convenient sun protection out of a secure box.

Cassette awnings are particularly well-protected folding or telescopic arm awnings which can be fitted on the wall, to the ceiling or to a rafter. When the awning is rolled up the elegant and corrosion-resistant aluminium box effectively protects the cover and the mechanical components against environmental influences as well as rain, snow, storms and dirt. That has a positive effect on the service life of the awning and ensures worry-free enjoyment in the shade.

Beautiful, Integrative Design

The beautifully-designed and enclosed structure and the versatile design variants make STOBAG box awnings popular with architects and demanding developers as design features.

Depending on the model, the awning can be operated by a crank or an optional electric motor. Several variations of remote controls and controls with sun and wind sensors are available for automation.

When the sun is low in the sky in spring or autumn, the practical drop down valance provides excellent protection. This awning can be rolled out according to your needs, thus protecting your private space. Alongside waterproof acrylic fabric, a lightly perforated fabric can also be used to provide a greater "sense of freedom".

Retractable Awning Vancouver

Box Awning Details

square cassette awning


The box is available in a choice of square or rounded designs. The clear, crisp lines of the design blend in harmoniously with the surrounding architecture and are also an impressive additional design feature.

box awning Vancouver



box awning Vancouver


Fabric and mechanisms packaged in a cubic design. The cubic cassette for modern, Angular architecture.

Box Awning Vancouver


The rounded drop down valance gives you protection from the setting sun and from prying eyes.

Box Awning Styles


The CAMABOX BX4000 is a stylish cassette awning in a modern cubic design. Winning the best-in-class Red Dot Award: Product Design, CAMABOX features simple and minimalist contours, allowing the BX4000 to blend elegantly into the architecture. As a particular highlight, LED lighting can be optionally integrated into the box, which turns the shaded area into an experience even during the evening hours.

The tried and tested closed box effectively protects the fabric and jointed arms from the elements and dirt to ensure a long service life. The variable bracket positions permit a flexible, simple and time-saving installation on the wall, under the ceiling or to the rafters. The CAMABOX BX4000 can be operated by either a crank or an electric motor.


The CASABOX BX2000 model is a slim box awnings in a timelessly elegant design. They are especially suitable for shading smaller to medium-sized areas, like in the case of balconies and terraces. The pleasing design of the round or square box allows the awning to blend in harmoniously with the architecture. – as an additional design feature.

The end profile provides a tight seal and protects the fabric and jointed arms from rain and dirt. Therefore, ensuring a long service life. Two brackets allow the equipment to be quickly and easily fitted to the wall, ceiling or rafters.  All models can be operated using a hand crank or an optional convenient electric drive.


The TENDOBOX BX3000 is a graceful slim box awning specially designed for shading smaller to medium-sized areas, such as of balconies and terraces.  Thanks to the patented and thus unique modular box system, the cover and folding arms remain effectively protected from weather exposure when retracted.  An optional LED lighting for attachment to the box provides additional evening comfort.

With a width of 6.5m or 25'4'' and a maximum projection of 4m or 13' 1'', TENDOBOX can shade areas of over 26 m2 or 280 ft2 (slight projection variation with optional drop-down screen). The variable bracket system allows easy wall or top fixing.

The drop-down VOLANT-PLUS is available as protection against glare and prying eyes. Additional comfort options provide for straight-forward automation of your cassette awning.

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