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open retractable awning

Excellent Protection

The compact STOBAG awnings were designed for overall protection of terraces and patios in private homes or restaurants. The variable fixing options allow the equipment to be securely fitted to the wall, ceiling or rafters. Additional extras such as a cover board, the drop down valance or the variable adjustable incline allow this "open awning" to be adapted to many different conditions. A special STOBAG arm-bracket combination allows for projections up to 16' 5''.

100% UV Protection, Guaranteed

Continual quality control and the use of tried and tested brand fabrics with up to 100 % UV protection guarantee maximum safety and functionality. Choose from over 200 fabric designs and thousands of colour combinations. Depending on the model and desired comfort level the awning is driven either manually using a crank or by a motor, which can also easily be operated via remote control or sun / wind sensors.

Open Awning

Open Awning Details

retractable awnings vancouver


With the manually adjustable incline you can set the incline of the awning to up to 60º. Adapt your shade easily and conveniently to the position of the sun.

retractable awnings vancouver


Used primarily where more projection than widths is required. Thanks to a special design with cross-over folding arms, narrow roof terraces and window niches can be provided with shade, hassle-free.

retractable awnings Vancouver


The up to 5' 7'' high drop down valance gives you protection from the setting sun and the prying eyes of nosy neighbours.

telescopic arm awning


STOBAG's very own telescopic arm technology ensures that the fabric is always taut and the designs sleek and space-saving.

Open awning Vancouver


A cover board protects the fabric and technical components from the build-up of dirt when the awning is closed and allows the awning to blend in with the facade.

awning valence


The valance, available in different shapes and sizes, not only provides you with additional shade but also hides the awning arms when closed.

Open Awning Styles


The compact SELECT awning was designed for overall protection of terraces and patios in private homes or restaurants.

The SELECT series is based on proven and patented triangular back bar technology. Together with its universal fixation brackets, this enables wall, ceiling or rafter installation, even in restricted spaces.

Additional extras such as a cover board, the drop-down VOLANT-PLUS valance or the variable adjustable incline of the SELECT-OMBRAMATIC allow this awning to be adapted to many different conditions. A special arm-bracket combination allows projections up to 13' 1''.


The SELECT-PLUS can be used when more projection is needed than width. The overall width of the back bar awning is reduced to a minimum without affecting the projection through a special design with cross-over arms. Shade breaks at entrances, narrow roof terraces, window niches etc. can easily be covered.

In rolled out position, the SELECT-PLUS does not appear any different than a normal folding arm awning. Thereby, it is suited best for combination with other SELECT models. So, options like cover board or drop-down VOLANT-PLUS valance are possible as well. The SELECT-PLUS is available with either two or four folding arms, depending on its width.


Set a new standard with the large area awning JUMBO. It was designed for a maximum projection of up to 16' 5'' and delivers up to 60 m2 / 650 ft2 of shade – perfect for large terraces for restaurant or private use.

Up to six specially developed telescopic arms are used so that a consistently high cover tension is provided in any position.
An extremely stable aluminium design is the result of this, even with a maximum width of 39' 4''. The linear progression of the telescopic arms gives the JUMBO awning a timeless elegant aesthetic.

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