Get More Than Door Screens with Phantom Screens!

During the warmer months, you enjoy the fresh air coming in from the outdoors, and probably spend a lot of time going back and forth between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Instead of getting your typical screen doors that swing open and shut, or the kind that slides, consider a retractable Phantom screen.

At Element Comfort Solutions in Vancouver Island, we bring you home solutions that make your indoor and outdoor spaces comfortable. Take a look at our screen door solutions, that even include retractable screens for French doors. We also have solar skylights, retractable awnings, quiet whole house fans, and vinyl decking. To get started, contact us now for your consultation. We will provide you with a free quote and answer all your questions. Call us today!

Here are some of the ways Element Comfort Solutions can help you find the best screen door solutions for your home.

Retractable Screens for French Doors

French doors didn’t have very many options when it came to a convenient door screen until recently. You could use rickety screen doors that fell off the track every time you wanted inside or out, or you could take your chances with leaving the doors open if you wanted to let the fresh air in. No more! Element Comfort Solutions has screen door solutions that offer fresh air and convenience, and that look great, too! You can mount two screens to either side of the door frame, and they will meet in the middle. The air will still flow, and you can easily move around, too.

Screen Door Solutions For All Door Types

It’s not just French and double doors that have great options. Retractable screens can be fitted to all types of doors. It doesn’t matter if your door swings in, swings out, or is a slider door. Our expert technicians will measure your door and install a screen door solution that will be a snap to use.

Don’t Worry About DIY

Speaking of expert technicians, you don’t have to worry about trying to install our retractable screens yourself. We take the stress off your shoulders and let you kick back and relax while we handle the rest. Our technicians will ensure that you have just the right screen for your needs, make sure it fits perfectly, and give you peace of mind that you will know how to use it and care of it when they leave. No more guesswork—leave it to us!

A Variety of Styles

Matching your existing décor can be somewhat daunting, and many door screen manufacturers give you a handful of options you’re stuck with. Not so with Element Comfort Solutions. Take a look at the signature color options from the manufacturers—if you don’t see something you like, we will happily custom match the paint. We can even create matched wood grain. More than that, you have options with the type of mesh, including bug screen, shade protection, and privacy.

Ready to get started on your new retractable door screen? Give Element Comfort Solutions a call! We’ll handle everything you need start to finish, and have a warranty for your peace of mind. Contact us now to get started!