The Value of a Vinyl Deck

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People often don’t realize just how much work it is to maintain a wooden deck. It’s easy to assume that a wooden deck, once it’s installed, will last for years or even decades to come with little-to-no maintenance. However, that’s simply not the case.

Wooden decking tends to come with all kinds of issues if maintenance is not carefully performed on a regular basis, your once beautiful wooden deck can experience rotting, warping, cracking, chipping paint, or worse! Not only do these problems create an unsightly eye-sore in your backyard, they could actually cause your deck to become unsafe for yourself and your family. Imagine those old, weathered deck boards having a life, and at the end of that life, they’ll give way and fail to hold the weight of someone walking on them.

But wood isn’t your only option.

When you choose vinyl decking, you’re choosing a far superior material for your backyard deck. There are so many reasons why choosing a vinyl deck will pay off in the long-run. Let’s discuss some of the factors that go into making vinyl deck installation one of Vancouver’s favorites.

Benefits of a Vinyl Deck


As you know, the wooden decks aren’t waterproof. You can try and coat them with a waterproof material, but even that doesn’t last forever. Vinyl is different because it is totally waterproof. Our vinyl deck membranes are a single piece of high-performance PVC membrane that protects the substruction of the deck and any area below it. If you’re looking for a deck that is 100 percent waterproof, you can’t go wrong when you go for vinyl deck installation from Element Comfort Solutions.


Many outdoor decks become extremely slippery when they get wet. However, our vinyl decking membranes are produced with an aggressive embossing texture that is designed to meet Canadian slip resistance requirement, making sure that it’s safe and user-friendly — no matter who walks or runs on it.

Splinter Proof

One of the negative things about a wooden deck is that as the wood ages, it becomes more and more fragile, lending itself to giving you and your family splinters if you walk on it barefooted. With vinyl decks, you won’t need to worry about splinters in your children’s feet, your pet’s paws, or anywhere else. Since no wood is used in the manufacturing of our vinyl decking boards, you can trust that splinters won’t be an issue!

Low Maintenance

As we’ve mentioned before, wooden decks can be a lot of hassle and maintenance, especially as they get older and become weathered. Not only do you have to paint, seal, and reseal decks that are made of wood, you might even have to replace boards over time. With vinyl decking in Vancouver, you can rest assured that your deck will require very little maintenance for it to remain looking beautiful. Simply cleaning your vinyl deck a few times a year will help it last, beyond that, all you have to do is enjoy your backyard oasis.

Stays Cool

We all know how uncomfortable it can be to walk on a hot deck when the sun has been beating down on it for hours. Some of us may have even encountered burns on the bottoms of our feet from walking on a wooden deck that was overheated. However, our highly complex reflective pigment systems are used to make the surface of your deck up to 20 percent cooler to walk on. As the only decking with a patented heat-reduction technology, helping you make your Vancouver deck friendly to those barefoot all summer long.

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